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You and up to five friends have a chance to seize power and crown yourselves as the new leader!  Wipe out your political opponents by destroying their Landmarks and eliminating their influence!

The King Is Dead!


Algarade (alɡaʀad) is a strategic card game for 2 to 6 players that pits you against your friends and family to determine who will be crowned the next ruler. Eliminate your opponents but watch out for your allies, because the first player to eliminate all of his or her opponents wins the game.

Easy to learn and fun to master!
Players draw and play cards in turns as they attempt to be the first to eliminate all their opponents by Destroying their Landmarks!


Plenty of ways to play!
2 to 6 player games allow for quick, strategic duels or chaotic,
socially influenced bouts!

Build your own play style!

20 unique Playing cards help you build your defenses, disrupt your opponents and execute your strategy!

No two games are the same!
18 unique Landmark cards keep things interesting by adding game changing effects - turning each asset lost into the potential to win the game!
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